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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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stitches. we'll be back in 30 seconds. ho don't let the skpimt -- the excitement of the season catch you off guard. tonight women learn the shopping safety lesson of a lifetime. >> i think it's freezing. >> it's really cold but we're having a lot of fun. >> the bay area cold spell is about to take a dramatic turn. tonight it is cold. soon it will be wet. and he wasn't laughing. what president obama is saying tonight about the sports injury
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that left him in stitches. good evening. i'm garvin thomas. lisa and jessica are off tonight. first the freeze. tonight rain is on the way. if you have plans to get out this weekend, you'll want to hear the forecast. that's why we start in the weather center with meteorologist jennifer hill with the change that's coming our way. jennifer? >> if you're in the east bay, you already feel the rain pat tering on the roof. as we look to the rain turning to snow, the higher elevations storm warning is in effect for the sierra nevada. we'll go in closer here. cloverdale saw the rain first down through santa rosa and now we see stinson beach getting rain fairly soon as well. coming up, we'll talk about when that rain is going to come to an end and more cold air could be on the way. >> thanks, jennifer. new at 11:00, a new change
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on the way for cal tran. george? >> reporter: one more game and that's it before the bears return. an upgrade to the stadium and businesses in the area will have to get used to quiet areas in the city and they may lose money because of it. >> there is not a better sound when the bears are running down the field for a touchdown. but next season the cheers will be replaced by silence. the cal bears will be playing at at&t park while the 87 hifr year-old stadium gets a long-overdue seismic upgrade. the walls will be resurfaced and the inside will be gutted as
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everything will be brought up to modern standards. since 1966, getting a hot dog at to top dog before a football game became a tradition. >> it was filled with people wall to wall. you had people pressing on the counter and they're all the way out the back door. >> one of those who just has to eat a hot dog on game day is long-time customer evan spinrod. >> i've had season tickets for 15 to 16 years now and it's just something i've been doing. >> reporter: next year he'll be watching the cal bears minus the top dog hot dog and he's not happy about it. >> it's not a game without a top dog hot dog. >> they normally dish out triple the number of hot dogs on game day, but next season with no top dog hot dogs nearby -- >> it is going to be strange being here on a football day and have the streets quiet.
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>> and not all fans like the idea of crossing the bay to watch a home game. >> the fact that we're going to have to go all the way across the bay means it's going to be harder for a lot of students to get there who might otherwise go to games if it were right up the street. >> reporter: top dog is thichkithichk i thinking about taking their dogs across the bay and setting up a vendor across from the park, so there's still a chance that fans can carry on their eating traditi tradition. we're live in berkeley tonight, nbc4 bay area news. a somali-born teenager is under arrest for allegedly planning to carry out a car bombing attack at a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony. the bomb turned out to be a dud supplied by undercover agents as part of the sting. mohammad was arrested tonight just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would blow
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up a van packed with explosives at the portland christmas tree lighting. tonight for the first time we're getting a picture of what went wrong the day a tiger attacked a group of friends at the san francisco zoo. the san francisco examiner obtained tapes of police interviews of two brothers who survived a christmas day attack in 2007. questioning that someone threw something to provoke the tiger, something like nachos. to that they respond, how could we throw nachos at a tiger? the police officer then says, i don't know. i'm just trying to understand what would make a tiger want to come after you guys? the brothers also talked about what the actual attack was like adding, quote, there was a tiger attacking me. i just seen him, and i just started running from him and he just attacked me. i couldn't get away from him. and then right after that, somehow i got away and he got my boy, carlos. now back to the current holiday season and today's black friday shopping spree.
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was it a bleak one or a bright one for retailers as shoppers hit the stores en masse? tracy grant shows us how the serious shoppers found bargains and if they found what they were looking for. >> how much did you save? >> i'm not sure. it only cost me $50. that was a good deal. >> that's what these shoppers were in search of, a good deal. enough to get into the tlohrong of people on black friday. see what it looks like inside. in macy's, signs are everywhere for black fridays. 20% off and sometimes more. shoppers squeezed off the escalators and waited in long lines to get to the cash register. >> they're killing you in there for 15%. it's not worth it. >> what shoppers call scary, traumatic and overwhelming, retailers described as promising, hopeful and a
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possible sign of an economic rebound after enduring some awful black fridays over the last few years. >> we're optimistic and we feel very good about what's happening in the store today, and i think it's going to be a great holiday season. >> while it may not be a lecturely shoppilectur leisurely shopping experience, was it a worth it shopping experience? >> it was supposed to be $90 and it was only 45. coming up in five minutes, there is no substitute for safety. police are warning women about an unusual threat at malls across america. think you can't be fooled by the bad guys? think again. you won't believe how easy it is. embarrassment could be on the way for u.s. allies and u.s. diplomats are already readying their apologies. nbc has bender why the white house has learned what could be the next round of revelations
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from wikileaks. the next report containing state department communications could detail unflaterring details about russian diplomats as well as allegations about political leaders in afghanistan, including president hamid karzai's personal life. there could be something about carl yemen. they suspect the leak this weekend could hurt counterterrorism work in those countries. the feds bust a major drug tunnel connecting san diego and tee juan a and the level shows just how far drug cartels are willing to go to be undetected. >> on thanksgiving day, the tunnel task force received information that a semi tractor-trailer would come to one of these warehouses and pick up a load of narcotics. based on this information and our overall investigation, we initiated surveillances on several warehouses in this
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general area. >> and bingo. they got the right place. >> this tunnel seems to be constructed in the same manner as previous tunnels we found in no time mesa. >> a staging point for kra band coming through a half-mile-long tunnel as deep as 60 feet. it's one of the most sophisticated tunnels they've ever seen. the combined haul of dope from the truck, about 22 tons. worth up to $2200 wholesale. >> you were talking about this tunnel task force stopping approximately 16 or 17 million illegal marijuana joints from coming into the united states. that's just one seizure. >> this portion of the tunnel has not been here for too awfully long. >> reporter: two u.s. citizens were arrested on this side of the border. seven suspects are arrested in
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mexico. more leads to follow. >> this is not a mom and pop operation. this is a major, significant drug cartel working here. and that's a huge investment in building and constructing these tunnels as well. >> reporting from san diego, bay area news. coming up. in stitches. the injury the president is nursing tonight and what the man responsible for it is saying. >> man, can i ask you a quick question? >> distracted for just a moment. that's all a thief needs to take advantage of holiday shoppers. up next, women learn the shopping safety lesson of a lifetime. >> romer bites off more than he can chew. that sets off a massive effort that ended just a short time ago. now we have some cold air and also some rain working its way across the region. look at the current temperatures. look at the radar to show you and fallier and where it's going.
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apparently the president needs to work on his defense. he needed stitches after being
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elbowed by a friend on the basketball court today. the culprit is apparently ray desevega. the president needed 12 stitches on his upper lip after today's basketball game. doctors used a thinner material than is normally used which means more stitches, but in the end, a smaller scar. and his opponent learned the president is a tough competitor and a good sport. many in the bay area are wrapping up a busy day of bargain hunting. the day after thanksgiving is the traditional start of shopping season, but they said don't let the season catch you off guard. it's second only to the month of august for robberies. typically most robberies happen in business parking lots be it a shopping mall or grocery store. here is chris sanchez with an eye-opening experiment that will have you watching your back on your next shopping trip. that story, new at 11:00.
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>> reporter: it's that time of year when people tend to forget about their own safety in the rush to cross everything off the holiday shopping list. >> whether it's a holiday shop or grocery store, you're on a mission. when you're on a mission, you're not thinking about your personal safety because you have some agenda in mind. >> reporter: we put this personal defense consultant's theory to the test in several different parking lots. >> ma'am, can i ask you a quick question? >> he set out to prove a tie and an officially looking badge are all anyone needs to entrust a shopper. >> we've just been checking because we've had a number of thefts on suvs in the area, so everything locked up and put away? >> i don't have anything valuable in there. >> reporter: it happened time -- >> we're looking for guys that were in the lot before, one was about 6', caucasian? have you had anyone approach you
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in the grocery store, ask you any unusual questions or anything? nothing there? >> reporter: time and again, shoppers engaging a complete stranger. >> i don't even say i'm with the police department. i simply show a badge. their idea is i am someone i pretend to be, whether it's police, security or whatever. >> reporter: it was this woman who is most trusting. >> especially suvs are being targeted right now, and i want to make sure everything is locked up, nothing is visible on the seats? >> she returned to the parking lot, allowing our stranger to follow her. >> she was literally in her glove compartment with her back towards me, believing i was someone i wasn't. >> reporter: while this woman didn't want to do an interview, this woman who fell for it, did. >> were you surprised i wasn't who i said i was when i showed you my badge? >> yes. >> if we tried to get someone in the car to fill out a report or make a statement, most would
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have gone along as well. >> i just drove in. >> she admits she was suspicious from the start. >> he flashes a badge and i had no idea what the badge was. it was very quick. >> powers believes she did the right thing by walking away. >> i don't want to be rude to somebody because it's possible they need something, but if someone approaches me that's a stranger, i'm going to quickly walk away. >> but mckissig says the best thing these women could do was keep their distance. >> in this environment, make sure no one gets too close to you, because it lessens your reaction time if something were to go wrong. >> fortunately for these women, it was only an experiment. >> i didn't siee that coming. >>. >> reporter: perhaps she and others will. >> had i not been the right person, the end result woould have been very, very different.
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here are more tips from jeff mckissig this holiday season. if you forget where you parked, try not to look lost. thieves pick up on disoriented people. always scan the lot to know who is around you and be aware of the good story approach. that's how they approach their target as opposed to using a gun or a knife. >> 3, 2, 1, light it up. >> enough about the scary holiday stuff, how about the good holiday stuff. the beginning of the holiday season on the south bay kicked off a lighting ceremony, christmas in the park. it says, our chavez becomes a holiday wonderland with more than 60 musical and animated displays. the display will be up until the first of the year and it sounds like it will be getting wet on its very first day of the holiday season. >> thankfully, they just avoided the rain.
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it came in tonight to the north bay. it's raining right now in marin county, but mike, he's a traffic guy, so he's kind of in with the weather people. no rain, so no traffic jams for us, i guess. it's a little tight back there. as we take a look at our weather headlines, we're looking at a rainy start. it's raining outside right now. that rain is going to continue through the morning hours. we'll start to taper off a bit in the afternoon, and then on sur sunday, no surprises. more chilly air coming our way and it's going to drop the snow at about 2500 feet. we're just going through the day on saturday morning through evening. you get the idea here. a lot of rain falling in the morning and then still tapering offer in the afternoon but still some showers moving through. we have a lot of clouds over the area right now. that's the gray color. and the green color, that's the current band of rain moving through the area. nevada getting it, petaluma getting the rain. it's about to hit the city as well. we've seen some rain in bodega
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bay. hillsborough seeing about an hour or two of rain this evening, and we'll see that rain moving through in bands. taking a broader look, you can see it moving towards the golden gate bridge this evening and into the east bay as well. we've seen lighter showers down toward san jose, but you can see the bigger band will be coming your way in the next few hours. chilly outside. we've seen people bundled up this evening. you need an umbrella or a hood. 43 degrees san mateo, 43 nevada, 40 in concord. brr. it's cold outside. let's use our futurecast rainfall product. the gray? that would be the clouds. we still see some bands of rain moving through but also some breaks of sunshine. umbrellas will be in our future for tomorrow, and some rainbows. nevada getting there right about 12:00, rain showers continue to move through the area. there's 3:00, same thing, but
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out in the pacific, there's more clearing coming in. we'll begin to see this sky is really beginning to clear out. as we get to sunday, not a lot happening. even the clouds are going to disperse and then that colder air needs to zoom on in. 30s in a lot of spots especially north of the bay. then 40s towards los gatos, 40 in gilroy. cloud cover and the rain is not going to help, staying mainly in our 50s for the forecast highs, and those raun showein showers afternoon. we might see snow in our local little mountaintops. you have to go to tahoe to see the snow. look at the seven-day forecast. i was able to look to 60 degrees maybe by tuesday. we have kind of a rainy day tomorrow. sunday is salvaged but it will
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be cold yet again. i keep losing that one glove like michael jackson out there. >> you never buy one glove, you have to buy a new pair. >> maybe i can start a list. >> thanks, jennifer. when we come back, a daring rescue in sacramento just a few hours ago. us j dog proving it't n tsca cats that have nine lives.
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here's a scenario guaranteed to scare any dog owner. the dog runs off, falls into a hole and gets trapped and no one knows where he is. that's exactly what happened near sacramento where firefighters had to pull this yellow lab to safety after he plummeted into a 40-foot-deep hole. homer took off just before midnight on thanksgiving. his owners say they are thankful he's alive. >> we thought we lost him while he was in there. i can't describe it. i'm so happy that we got him. >> the 13-year-old dog was dried off and taken to a nearby vet where we're told he is doing well tonight. laura banke is here with sports tonight. >> that's why you don't run away from home. you can fall into a hole. thank you very much. i want some basketball, some hockey, some football, we got it all. good news/bad news for the sharks. they outsmartd vancouver.
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the bad? at didn't really mr.te matter. next in sports.
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well, things have not come easily for the sharks so far this season. the result? a fourth place place in the division. but perhaps they just need to get their confidence back, and wednesday's win just might be the one. so the sharks traveling to vancouver, trying to keep that momentum alive. first period it's already 1-0 vancouver. the sharks will get a flurry of shots. we have a tie game at 1-1 thanks to the badgers. 3-1 the kanucks. cal daniels' second goal of the game puts it out of reach. sharks lose to vancouver 6-1.
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they're about to get a big boost. today david lee was clear to rejoin the team and he promptly flew to minnesota where he will be a gametime definiticision. andre stevens was a force. 28 points for the big man. but would it be enough? not going away. stephen curry, the jumper. we get to the final seconds. it's still a three-point game, the warriors getting exactly what they want. warriors saw 116-111. that's their fifth straight loss. it's the happiest place on earth, not the prettiest place. good thing because cal and orlando orlanwas one ugly performance. in the fifrst half the bears scored a total of five points. the combined point total was 26.
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five points. i'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. they're finally finding the bottom of the basket. the young brother of tyler puts things away. 56-44, first loss of the season. the cardinals may have suffered their first loss of the season yesterday. today, though, still playing in the 76th classic. now keeping stanford at arm's length all game. steven idol, they beat stanford 3-2. to the lone star state in the south padre island invitational. the winner would advance. mickey mcconnell, st. mary's wins. we had a huge upset in college
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football as well. eth broncos beat them. >> that was an exciting game. >> it was. >> we'll be right back. this friday only, buy one of these smartphones and get a great jawbone icon hero headset free.
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only at verizon.
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we want to take one more check of the forecast.
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>> tonight it's already raining in the north bay, raining in marin and it's about to move right into san francisco, moving into the east bay as well. that rain will continue through the day tomorrow but tapering off in the afternoon and then it gets cold yet again and the snow is dropping tonight so the local peaks might see a little bit of snowfall. >> normally i would say, hey, great day to go shopping but it might be a little crowded. >> you took care of yours this morning. >> yes, i took care of it this morning. >> at 3:00 a.m. >> yes. thank you. weather starts your day on saturday at 7:00 a.m. jay is next. have a good night. [ cheers and applause ]


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